Some garden updates

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  1. Nancy says:

    Your garden looks so healthy! And Green…such beautiful colors.
    I poke around at different “garden” videos, some more tame than others…but all so beautiful. I am grateful for the viewing…ya get the beauty where you can. Enjoy your time out there and share when you can ????
    I’ve started to mush my days together if I don’t get to posting. It feels that in real time anyway. The days blur and blend.
    Here are a couple of channels I’ve looked at:

    These folks are so knowledgeable!!

  2. Nancy says:

    Kinda blurred together here too! lol

  3. grace says:

    thank you for this, CatherinE…… your Gardens……. my Dream Gardens…..i love
    these, really. If i could have one wish other than world peace, it would be for your Gardens

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