ecopoetics #2, page 72

Bromeliads is meant to explore subtle changes, like light changing on the tropical gloss of leaves as the sun shifts in the sky.

Variants. Yet these blocks are too heavy to ever shift like light on leaves. I wonder about variants. How to participate. I’m not sure this technology achieves the dynamic potential.

Bromeliads, full digital version

How digital versions of text can never be more than an experiment, because they are missing pieces.

Thinking about Dickinson’s alternate word choices. How to write both/several. How to write deep into multiplicity. Noticing that my sentences often come out of order.

I visited Costa Rica – La Fortuna, hummingbirds, volcano. Monteverde. I wonder about travel. I wrote a long poem (nine pages), just words about Costa Rica. I read it in a church and the audience was bored. I wanted to deliver hummingbirds, howlers, howevers.

The subtle changes of digital versions. I iterated through “decomposition of weeds” and posted three different versions before I settled on one. Still feeling something is missing.

Variants that emphasize the missingness. But the static piece is an illusion of whole. Urge to develop skills in video. Urge to deliver light changing on leaves. Urge to participate.

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