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Golden houses backgrounds

I had a lot of fun applying a layer of stitching embellishments to each of the 12 golden houses. Then I chose some tentative backgrounds to stitch them to, eventually planning for a patchwork...

Golden houses

Some of the details of the work in progress, stitching extra layers onto these houses:

Forgotten details

I must have stitched these little row of colors here. No memory of doing it. It was fun to find.

Houses revisited

Jude is stitching a series of cloths based on the concept of home. This inspired me of course to pull out my golden houses from last year and take another look at them. Last...

Golden village

I’ve had a great time stitching together this collection of wonky golden houses. I might embellish them with more stitch and patches (door and windows), but they are mostly done. Time to look for...